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Our courses bridge the gap between the arts and science of the East and Western science, medicine and psychobiology.

Our instructors emphasize the modern application of ancient teachings to create accessible, embodied learning opportunities where understanding is inspired by direct experience and personal realization.


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Take pre-recorded courses at your own pace. Live courses and webinars will be recorded and will be viewable after, to support those who cannot be present at a live event.

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Each course includes downloadable lesson materials. PDF's, recorded lectures and video are all formats that may be included with your course.

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    “Jeff Masters is a charismatic and powerful teacher who packs incredible wisdom into easily understandable teachings and inspires us to our greatness.”
    Bhava Ram
    Founder Deep Yoga & W4H
    “Rarely have I come across an instructor who has been able to so clearly blend Western and Eastern approaches. This is one teacher who can unfold ancient teachings with practical skill and leave you with a desire to learn more.”
    Rob Schware, PhD
    Founder Give Back Yoga Foundation
    “Every aspect of Jeff’s teaching is innovative to say the least. He has the uncanny ability to make very complex subject matter approachable and exciting and upholds the highest professional standards, a desire to achieve and a great attitude.”
    Nikki Myers
    Founder Y12SR