Integrated Pranotherapy

Integrated Pranotherapy Certification Program

Welcome to the Integrated Pranotherapy Certification program.

Classically, the word prāṇā has been defined as the force that permeates the universe and animates / energizes the body. Individual prāṇā or intrinsic vitality flows, intersects, and pools at various points throughout the body and impacts our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

When intrinsic vitality becomes depleted or obstructed, it gives rise to stress, disease, injury, trauma, and psycho-physiological dysfunction.

During this certification program participants will explore the classical and cutting-edge definitions and dynamics of Prāṇā or Intrinsic Vitality. Jeff Masters will share a brief history of Prāṇotherapy and will lead participants through an integrated self-care protocol for decreasing stress and tension and increasing relaxation, sensitivity and Prāṇic flow.

Throughout this program participants will increase their individual intrinsic vitality and learn protocols to strengthen and support specific systems and address specific conditions.

This certification course is recommended for anyone who wish to expand their personal experience and understanding of prāṇā and acquire skills to assist themselves, their families, and their clients in realizing radiant health and vitality.

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Integrated Pranotherapy: Level 1 Certification

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Integrated Pranotherapy: Level 2 Certification

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Integrated Pranotherapy: Level 3 Certification

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