About the Online Academy

Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention...

Over the last couple of decades, at the end of a workshop or seminar, we started to notice a common thread weaving its way through the responses we received from students. “How can we study with you more?” or “Where can we learn more about this subject you’ve been teaching?” or “Do you have any books or an online course I can take?”

All of this, in addition to the critical need for connection in the face of separation, inspired the evolution of the Online Academy. 

We look forward to the future of inspired online learning and the opportunity to connect with each one of you. Thank you for your interest in the Online Academy.


A Unique Experience!

Our online courses you have access to unique educational tools.

Academic and technical support

All students receive technical and academic support as they navigate Online Academy courses. If you need assistance or have any questions contact support here.

Facebook Community

Each student is invited to join the Online Academy Facebook group and connect with our instructors and others who are seeking a deeper connection to the wisdom of the ages through this digital platform.