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“Yogis of the tantric tradition…claim that, taken together, the fruit of practicing asanas, bandhas, and mudras barely yields one-sixteenth of the fruit of practicing agni sara.”
Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD.

Agni Sara or “fire essence,” is a powerful ancient technique which mobilizes and stimulates the abdominopelvic region, kindles our inner fire and increases the vital essence or prana circulating throughout and around our entire system.

During this course, we will review common teaching points associated with agni sara as well as dive deep into seldom taught, refined points surrounding this deeply transformative practice.

Each lesson provides a comprehensive overview of the structures, system(s), function(s) and energetics of each topic and serves as the foundation for upcoming individual courses focusing on the same topic.

The format for this course includes online instruction and practicum, as well as comprehensive handouts.

• Anatomy Overview of Agni Sara
• Agni Sara Breakdown
• Guided Multi-Level Agni Sara Practices
• How To Integrate Agni Sara Into Your Daily Practice

For students who choose to take this course for continuing education credits (units), a score of 80% on a final quiz is necessary to pass and get credit for this course.