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Founded in Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science and Direct Experience

The Masters Path 200-hour Teacher Training & Development is a comprehensive, experiential study of the art & science of Yoga, and its sister sciences. Students receive authentic instruction in Hatha Yoga, classic yogic philosophy, including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, as well as the deeper teachings sourced directly from selected ancient tantric texts, as taught by the Masters of the Himalayas.

Our program’s primary focus is to offer an opportunity for the direct experience of personal transformation through the bridging of Eastern science of yoga, and the Western science, consciousness and psychobiology. From this perspective, students cultivate a rich and sustainable personal practice steeped in deep knowledge, creating a strong foundation from which to teach.

No student or class is the same: the systematic process of yoga science impacts the body, refines the mind, and provides a deep and abiding clarity to some of the most profound mysteries of the universe.

The Masters Path Yoga Teacher Training & Development program is part of a ‘Living Tradition’, which is passed down from Teacher to Student (guruparampara) over the course of generations, preserving the ancient wisdom and sacred practices through written, oral, and experiential methods. This 200-Hour Teacher Training is certified and registered with Yoga Alliance, a national non-profit organization dedicated to education and support of yoga throughout the United States. Each student will receive a certificate of completion from the Masters Institute and is eligible for national certification through Yoga Alliance upon completion.