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“Sankhya is the theoretical aspect of Yoga; Yoga is the practical aspect of Sankhya. Sankhya and Yoga form one complete system of philosophy and practice…”
• Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD

The Samkhya philosophy (one of the seven principle philosophies of the Hindu civilization) is the life blood that runs through the practice of Yoga, and the art and science of Yoga is the practical manifestation of the Samkhya Philosophy. The two are inextricably intertwined through the dynamics of inspiration and manifestation.

During this course, members will explore the mysteries of the Samkhya and journey through this ancient representation of the dance of consciousness and matter that creates the Universe around us.

They will have the opportunity to experience these mysteries directly during the included personal practices and worksheet sessions.

• Introduction To The Samkhya Philosophy
• The History of The Samkhya Philosophy
• The Four Phases of The Samkhya
• The Journey of Consciousness Into Matter

Each lesson will conclude with a quiz, which verifies completion of the lesson and integration of the information. Please note, you may retake a quiz as many times as you like.

For students who choose to take this course for continuing education credits (units), an overall score of 80% on all quizzes is necessary to pass and receive credit for the course.